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Asana: Team Tasks & Conversations for iOS freeware

Asana: Team Tasks & Conversations for iOS

Version: 7.10.1 | Size: 54.20 MB
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Asana is highly appreciated by working professionals who work in a team. The application is proved as a valuable tool that is ideal to increase the efficiency of your team. Asana is getting popular as a productivity app by each passing day. You can enjoy the experience of Asana by using their free Asana for iPhone app. The Asana app has been upgraded recently and the experience of using it is better than before. The functionality of the app is now close to their full web application. If you use Asana you can get rid of time wasting emails and instead of that you will be able to effectively manage cloud based tasks, teams, projects and help your organization to work more efficiently. Getting familiar to Asana is easier. Once you master the technique you will be easily able to use the both versions; mobile app and web based app. Asana is a fully feature loaded app that will offer you multiple ways of team organization.

The best part about using Asana is it is available for free if you have a team of 15 people. Though there are few features unavailable in the free account such as private projects within the teammates or create private teams. But even then it offers few best features that are work effectively for team management. Along with this you can also invite outside guests in your free account. The team you cap of 15 people can include both; core members or outside guests. If you have paid version of Asana then there is no limit for inviting outside guests. The prices of premium Asana varies with the number of people in your team. If you have a team of 15 then the premium membership price is $50.

Features of Asana are offered considering the user's requirements. You can access your Asana account using Asana iPhone App. You can receive push notifications as well as the badges. This will allow you to stay up to date of your tasks. Like the web application Asana mobile app relies on internet. Asana is all about real time teamwork so having internet connection gets essential for the users. The mobile app of Asana is very user friendly. This keeps your tasks up and front so that you will be able to manage your tasks on priority. Interacting with your team is easy with Asana. The amazing user interface will enhance your team management experience.  


Johnnyhef, Sep 25, 2021
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Eugeneunoft, Sep 24, 2021
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Asana: Team Tasks & Conversations for iOS 7.10.1 Apr 24, 2019 Two, four, six...um, hmm...nirvana! Here’s what’s new in Asana.
You'll now see a privacy indicator to make it clear when you're creating a private task versus a public task.
If you attach the wrong file you can still blame it on your thumbs, but now you can delete it so no one has to know you blamed your thumbs.
Asana: Team Tasks & Conversations for iOS 5.9.0 Mar 9, 2017 While we can’t reveal the location of the elusive narwhal (some things must remain a secret), we can help you find your most recently accessed Asana tasks, projects, conversations, and tags with Spotlight search. Just swipe down from the top of your iOS home screen to start searching!
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