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Evernote is a great option for taking notes and syncing them. If is one of the popular application used as an effective office tool. Evernote offers you an access to your notes, voice recordings, and images of all your devices. It's a best note taking platform that syncs on all platforms. Using Evernotes you can easily keep a track on your digital records. The application is available on almost all platforms such as Android, Mac, Windows and iOS. The older version of Evernote app was only about taking notes but in the latest version they have offered a more robust way of writing, researching and collaborating. Using Evernote will make your work life easier and productive. The mobile application of Evernote provides a wonderful way to browse and create new notes, save photos, recordings and so on.

Evernote for iOS is fantastically designed. The application on iOS is bright and accented by their signature color green. The overall design looks classy and stylish. If you choose premium membership you can also get a custom patterned background that will add more classy look to your home screen. You can find simple animations while using the app, especially when you open notes or notebooks.

The best part about creating your notes on Evernote is you can read your notes on your desktop as well as mobile phone apps. You can use Evernote for commercial as well as non-commercial use. There are ample of ways to create a note on Evernote. The place where you store your notes is called as notebooks. There is a plus sign given on the app. By taping on it you can quickly create a new note. In your note you can include anything such as text, video record, audio record, images, reminders, web clippings or even attachment files. There is another interesting way of creating notes on Evernote that is creating hand written notes. You can simply drag your fingers to create a handwritten note on Evernote. In you text note you can also add bullet points which can also work as a checklist. You can also try variations in fonts.

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Last versions of EverNote for iOS
Version Change log
EverNote for iOS 8.24.2 Nov 7, 2019 New:
Dark mode in Evernote is now set through system settings in iOS 13
We came; we saw; we conquered bugs.
EverNote for iOS 8.20 Apr 25, 2019 It was a day like any other. Until you tried to create a note in a shared notebook, and the app suddenly crashed. You fell to your knees, pounded your fists on the floor, and cried out in despair, “Whyyy? Why, in the name of all that is good and decent, can’t they just fix that?” We’ve got great news: we fixed that.
EverNote for iOS 8.18 Mar 8, 2019 Improved:

- Tired of waiting to load and search your offline notebooks? We hear you. That’ll all happen much quicker now.
- Dark Mode is seriously awesome, and it’s getting better every day. For example, your handwritten notes might have been a little hard to see, but not anymore.


- Sometimes there was a screen glitch when you reopened the app. So we just went ahead and fixed the glitch. Problem is solved from your end.
- Occasionally, some of the formatting icons would just up and disappear while you were editing. Which was not helpful in the slightest.
- Are you someone who creates huge offline notebooks? Worried about them not downloading fast enough? Well it won’t be a problem now.
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