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VPNBook for iOS

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VPNBook is equally useful for iPhone users as is for the users of other devices and PC’s. However, the method of setting up VPN connection is different from other devices. But, the purpose is the same to hide the original identity of the user. All this is done through changing the IP address of the user. Although Apples’ devices are familiar for their security in the world, yet keeping that security level on the internet is quite impossible. It is the VPNBook that gives the users of iPhone the desired security level while keeping them connected with internet.

These VPNBook services are free all across the world and give the users a very fast and reliable mean of transferring data from one device to the other. Initially, the service started with two servers but with the passage of time their number is increased to four. To set up VPN service on the iPhone, the user has to install VPN clients and Certificate Bundles on the device. For this, first download the ZIP files for both on your PC and extract and save the contents.

Connect the iPhone with PC. Find the OpenVPN from the app store and paste those downloaded certificate files to the specific field in the app. The app will detect these certifications automatically. Now open the VPN connect app on the device and install the certificates by tapping the green button. Input the username and password obtained from VPNBook.com and save all this.

There are many advantages of connecting to this VPN service. For example, it is very fast and does not make your connection slow as the paid VPN servers do. It is also a very reliable and the user can connect many of his devices with it. There is no chance of loosening of data. Also, it is a free service and the developers only accept donations if voluntary given from the user of these services.

Through changing the IP address with the help of VPN, a user can connect with the network which, otherwise, is blocked for the user. It also enables to see the content which is banned or prohibited in your country.

Along with many advantages, there are also some drawbacks of using this service. The first is that it is illegal by the rules of a country. There is no license or surety from the developers if anything goes wrong during set up process.

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